Stuff I've worked on.

Here's a bunch of companies, projects, and other contributions that I'm super proud to be a part of. Looking forward to adding more!

  • Wellen

    Founding engineer + CTO. Wellen is a personalized health and wellness platform, serving those with age-related conditons such as osteoporosis and osteopenia.

  • Trade

    VP of Engineering. Trade is a speciality coffee subscription connecting 50+ roasters across the US.

  • InHouse

    Consultant, advisor, and freelance engineer. All-in-one marketplace for your Airbnb hosting needs.

  • NoXX

    Consultant and freelance engineer. Trading card and collectibles marketplace.

    Acquired in 2022

  • Welcome

    Freelance engineer. The future of compensation.

    Acquired in 2022

  • Endless Aisles

    Head of Engineering. Special ordering and behind the counter services for thousands of pet stores in the US. Innovation arm of Phillips Pet Food Supply.

  • Petflow

    Head of Engineering. Ecommerce platform for pet food and supplies.

    Acquired in 2017