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Sometimes I write about coding, startups, or other adventures.

How I discovered end-to-end type safety with GraphQL + Typescript

Recently, I’ve decided to go all in on two things, Typescript and GraphQL, after spending most of my coding career building RESTful APIs and avoiding types using languages like Python, Ruby, PHP (before type hints), and plain old Javascript. So, why the change?

The only 2 KPIs that your delivery team should care about at an early-stage start-up

If you’re building a delivery team (Product + Engineering) there are two metrics that you should always be aware of to assess the health of your cycles. You also don’t need to track these metrics. Especially at an early-stage startup. You should be able to know these metrics intuitively.

Gotta start somewhere… 👋

My name is Nate. I’m an engineer currently working as a member of the founding team at Wellen -- a startup in the health-tech space. I’ve always been a bit squirrely about sharing stuff on the internet, but lately, I’ve been in the mood to start writing things down somewhere.